Fluidized bed dryers

The fluid bed is often used for drying and cooling of powder and the use of it enables adjustment of process parameters to achieve a superior overall drying economy and powder quality.

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  • Gentle drying / cooling on a low temperature level
  • Applicable for products with crystalline, powder, granulate or pasty form. 
  • Explosion suppression systems
  • Low energy consumption
  • Product chamber for easy cleaning

Since decades the ANDRITZ fluidized bed drying technology is setting standards in the field of food, feed and agriculture. Food and feed are manufactured in a wide variety of form and shape. The basic materials are crystals, powders, granules, agglomerates and pellets, but also solutions, suspensions and pastes.
These different configurations require individual solutions regarding product pre-treatment and drying. Increasing demands on quality of the final product, such as colour, aroma, flavour, handling and storing properties but also economy and safety of the production plant determine the requirement of the plant. Food and feed are organic materials. Numerous of these present a dust explosion hazard. A reasonable safety standard sometimes is decisive for the economy of the installation.


The spray granulation and spray agglomeration is applicable for the production of granules and agglomerates with individual product properties. The spray granulation in the fluid bed forms granules, starting with solutions, suspensions or molten materials.
The spray agglomeration is a process starting with powder and spraying either water or a binding agent into the fluidized layer an easy resolvable instant product is generated.
For the treatment of difficult to fluidize and temperature sensitive products with a limited residence time in the drying zone of the fluid bed, vibrated fluid beds are preferred. Additionally in such systems more products with different particle sizes and shapes can be handled.


With the Andritz fluid bed equipment a wide range of powders for amongst others the dairy, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries can be treated. In the milk drying line of Andritz Gouda the vibrating fluid bed is applied for the final cooling of milk powder where specifications of the powder remain unchanged.
The ANDRITZ fluid bed equipment can also be applied for amino acids, fruit acids, ascorbic acids, soy beans, dextrose / sugar, starch/potato granules, DDGS and yeast.

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Fluidized Bed Cooler
Fluidized Bed Cooler
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