Drum Dryer Duprat

Since decades, Duprat dryers combine design and a thorough knowledge of constantly improving drying techniques. The result is a highly effective handling process and significant advantages in terms of respect for the environment.

For easy, hygienic drying of everything from baby/infant food to toxic materials, the Duprat drum dryer is your most reliable solution. Duprat not only produces a range of standardized machines, we also have a wide experience in building custom machines for specific client requirements


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  • Highest hygienic standard
  • Low energy consumption
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Limited investment cost
  • A long, continuous life cycle

The Duprat drum drying process

Drum drying is a continuous indirect drying method. A very thin layer of the product to be dried is applied to the outside of a rotating cylinder (drum). This drum is heated on the inside by steam. When in contact with the heated surface, the liquid evaporates very quickly from the thin product layer. After one almost complete rotation of the drum, the remaining dried product is scraped off the drum surface - with a sharp knife - in the form of a film or as a powder.

Steam heating gives uniform temperature distribution over the drum surface and this results in a consistent product quality. Due to the kneading effect of an applicator system and to the scraped heat exchange surface, the Duprat drum dryer is unique for the drying of viscous, pasty and sticky materials. Because of the short retention time of the product at high temperature, virtually no heat damage will occur.

Environmentally friendly

Drum drying is an environmentally friendly drying method.
Contrary to the direct drying method, which uses hot air for evaporation, the Duprat drum dryer does not need any dust separation or complicated filter installations. There is hardly any dust emission, as only a relatively small amount of air is removed by suction. No heat is wasted in the exhaust air and energy recovery is possible as well as smell abatement.

Financially interesting

The compact Duprat drum dryer leaves an interestingly small financial footprint. A relatively low investment in building and installation is required compared to other drying technologies. Drying can be an expensive part of the production process. With the Duprat drum dryer, however, running costs are significantly lower. Its high thermal efficiency translates to steam consumption of approx. 1,4 kg for each kilogram of water evaporated. Useful energy can even be recovered as it exits the system.

Different Duprat drum dryer models

Duprat has single, double and vacuum drum dryers, in a variety of sizes, ranging from dryers with a drying surface area of 0,75 m² up to 38,9 m².

In a single drum dryer, the wet product is fed into the dryer by means of applicator rolls. The applicator rolls make it easy to regulate product feed. In addition, they have a kneading effect, preventing lump formation in stickier materials. With perfect distribution along the length of the drum, the system is ideal for processing pasty or pulpy products. Depending on the number of applicator rolls used, the layer formed on the drying drum can be thicker or thinner.

In a double drum dryer, the product is fed into the sump between the two drums (that always rotate in opposite directions). The distance between the drums can be adjusted accurately to control the layer thickness on the drums. A double drum dryer is often used for products with lower viscosities. Duprat double drum dryers with an upward rotation are capable of treating polluted water in order to abide by environmental standards.

The Duprat vacuum drum dryer enables drying at low temperatures, thus avoiding damage to heat-sensitive product components. Since the operation is free from atmospheric contamination and independent from climatic conditions, operating results are always uniform. Moreover, these dryers can be used for recovery of solvents by collecting the vapors formed during the drying process.
The Duprat vacuum dryers are very hygienic. There is no recirculation of material, no waste is produced and the drum is accessible for thorough cleaning.


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Drum Dryer Duprat
Drum Dryer Duprat