Pilot plant


A unique part of ANDRITZ Gouda’s R&D program is the pilot plant. The pilot plant is a valuable test center for simulating processes, with a view to testing, or optimization, of a process before implementation. The pilot plant is also used to investigate the feasibility of a desired process. Combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, ANDRITZ Gouda offers an integrated approach for the set-up of processing lines, contributing to significant cost savings (for the customer) in the production process.

ANDRITZ Gouda has three testing possibilities:

  • Feasibility test

- requires a small amount of product to determine its drying / cooling ability

  • Bench-scale test

- requires approx. 1 kg of product to determine behaviour and produce a small sample

  • Pilot plant test

- requires approx. 100 kg of product to determine a guaranteed capacity and process parameters

ANDRITZ Gouda can offer rental pilot units for on-site test work at your location. For sludge drying tests, a fully equipped mobile sludge drying unit is available.

Pilot Container
Pilot Container
Pilot machine
Pilot machine