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ANDRITZ Gouda is the trade name of Koninklijke Goudsche Machinefabriek B.V.
Established in 1909 in Gouda, the Netherlands

Coenecoop 88
2741 PD Waddinxveen
The Netherlands

Trade Register Gouda : 290 194 68
Fortis Bank NV Rotterdam : 25 20 83 199
ABN AMRO Bank NV Gouda : 46 13 55 132

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Disclaimer website:
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Privacy policy
Personal data
We respect the privacy of the visitors to our website and ensure that the personal data you supply to us are treated confidentially. Processing of the personal data takes place in a manner that is in accordance with the requirements imposed by the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act. 

Purposes of the data processing
Your personal data are processed by us for the conclusion and execution of agreements concerning the delivery of goods and/or the supply of services and the management of the relations originating there from, including the performance of activities that are aimed at the expansion of the customer base. We shall only contact you if you indicate to appreciate this.

Inspection and correction of personal data
Royal GMF- Gouda tries to at all times register the data correctly. As a result of technical circumstances and other circumstances errors can occur in the data or data can be displayed incompletely. If the overview supplied by us contains incorrect data then you can request us in writing to change or have changed these data. Moreover, you can inform us in writing if you do not wish to be approached with information about our products and services by reporting this to the following address. You can contact us in writing at the following address:

Coenecoop 88
2741 PD Waddinxveen
The Netherlands

Amendment of privacy regulation
We reserve the right to amend this privacy regulation. Amendments are published on this website.

General terms & conditions:
All tenders and contracts for the performance of deliveries by us outside of the Netherlands are governed by the ORGALIME General conditions for the supply of mechanical, electrical and associated electronic products (S01) of November 2000. A copy of these conditions is available upon request. Any other conditions are herewith explicitly rejected by us.

All tenders and contracts for the performance of deliveries by us inside of the Netherlands are governed by the FME General conditions. A copy of these conditions is available upon request.

The purchase inquiries and orders issued by us are subject to ANDRITZ Gouda’s purchase conditions as filed with the District Court in The Hague. Any other conditions are explicitly rejected. Our purchase conditions are available upon request.